Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Get Your Music Mastered With Us


Looking to get your music mastered? Look no more, we have 12 years of music production, audio engineering, mixing and mastering experience and we can meet all of your musical needs. We will master any Genre/Style that you may need to be done. I can master/restore any track you need. Mastering is a very important process and it the icing on the cake for your music. When dealing with mastering in order to get the very best out of your music the mix has to be at it's best.

     Without having a great mix your master will not make your situation better. If the mix is great the mastering will just make it sound even better. Before you send a mix over to be mastered listen to it to make sure it is to your liking. Your song will be Carefully Processed and after the Mastering your Track will have more Loudness, Punch, Warmth, Clarity and Stereo. I Will Process Your Song With EQ, Multiband Compression, Multi-Band Limiting, Stereo Imaging,and Dithering.

     We will send you the Master in High Quality 16bit/44.1khz in Mp3 format ready for press and radio. We also deliver in WAV format in 24bit/48Khz for Video Standard (Youtube). You have a choice between Mp3 format or Wav. If you need both formats contact for pricing. Contact us here to get your mastering done at the email address below.

Per Song- $20
10 or more songs up to 75 min- $199

Take a listen to the difference in the before and after.

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